Youth Engagement



Start the Dialogue: Organize a monthly “coffee or lunch hour” to facilitate dialogue and build stronger relationships between youth-serving CBOs in North Richmond.



Create an opportunity in North Richmond for people working with youth to learn about each other, share knowledge, support and strategies

Possible participants: YAEC, Shields-Reid, CHD, Lots of Crops, North Richmond Neighborhood House, sports coaches, faith leaders

Coordinate efforts and engage North Richmond youth in leadership development via a “youth advisory council” to build a network of youth support and advocates for change


Sport Leagues to engage youth: Expand existing sports and recreation activities to improve access for North Richmond.



Support “Youth Enrichment Strategies” Summer Camp by building capacity and outreach to serve more North Richmond youth

Work with the Green Panthers coach Carla Orozco from The Neighborhood House of North Richmond to expand little league program and other sports activities to more age groups

Partner with UC Berkeley, Contra Costa County, foundations, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to create FREE summer camp opportunities for youth of all ages in North Richmond

Develop a pipeline for youth involved in sports/recreation programs to become leaders, mentors, and coaches

Community Healing: Strengthen opportunities for youth to engage in reconciliation and healing from community violence.



Identify availability and utilization of existing trauma, mental health, counseling services in N. Richmond, e.g., school sites, churches, county

Research promising models and survey youth to explore creative programs that successfully engage youth in positive self-expression and healing

Establish partnerships to expand and improve access to social services and activities for mental health, healing and self-expression.  Engage N. Richmond youth in planning and designing activities and programs


Mentorship: Support mentorship programs that connect North Richmond youth to academic and non-profit organizations.



Connect with outreach programs/activities at academic institutions to explore existing youth mentorship programs

Contra Costa College, UC Berkeley/LBNL

Establish formal agreement between academic institutions and youth orgs in North Richmond (YAEC, CHD) to coordinate mentorship programs and activities, e.g. shadow day, site visits, college application prep, summer internships

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